Basketball anyone?

This shot was taken in San Pedro, California at the site of the Korean Friendship Bell. Set up high on a hill above the Pacific Ocean it is one of the most scenic spots around for a sunset basketball game among friends. 

Have been to this spot a couple of times and never really noticed the basketball court. My visit was to photograph the Korean Friendship Bell but immediately set that aside when I saw these guys playing and the light behind them.

A light fog was starting to roll in which diffused the light and gave it a real softness to the sunset over the ocean.

Used a Nikon D3 camera and 85mm f/1.4 lens for this shot.

Photo © Craig Brewer

10 comments on “Basketball anyone?”

  1. this is honestly one of the most beautiful pictures i;ve seen, I can’t stop staring at it , the simplicity is sanctual and georgous, this is the type of scene people dream about

  2. Thank you, glad you enjoyed the picture, it’s one of my favorites too.

  3. is there any chance that this can be blown up into a large canvas , I relli relli like this picture

  4. as big as possible , I like scenic canvases which are large , prehaps about prehaps a 2 foot width or something, so quite large

  5. So if it was 2 feet wide that would make it about 16 inches high. Where are you located so I can figure up a price with shipping?

  6. I am situated in london, please could you inform me of the rough estimate of the price before I confirm the sale , thankyou

  7. Certainly, that image printed on canvas with an actual image width of 24 inches would be $275US plus shipping. What I would recommend is that I print the canvas and send it unmounted and rolled in a tube to cut down on shipping cost. Then you can have it stretched on a frame locally. Or I can have it stretched on a frame and sent in a larger box. For me to stretch the canvas on a frame would be an additional $35. If you are still interested I’ll get a price for shipping to London.

  8. How much would the image simply rolled up without a canvas cost?

  9. Canvas is just a printing medium like other fine art papers, only it is a little more expensive. I can make you a signed fine art archival print for $250 US plus shipping costs. Since it is a paper print there would not be a canvas stretching charge.

    Here is a link to some other images of mine at Visionlight Gallery and if you click on them you can get an idea of pricing…

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