Basketball anyone?

This shot was taken in San Pedro, California at the site of the Korean Friendship Bell. Set up high on a hill above the Pacific Ocean it is one of the most scenic spots around for a sunset basketball game among friends. 

Have been to this spot a couple of times and never really noticed the basketball court. My visit was to photograph the Korean Friendship Bell but immediately set that aside when I saw these guys playing and the light behind them.

A light fog was starting to roll in which diffused the light and gave it a real softness to the sunset over the ocean.

Used a Nikon D3 camera and 85mm f/1.4 lens for this shot.

Photo © Craig BrewerBasketball


10 thoughts on “Basketball anyone?

  1. this is honestly one of the most beautiful pictures i;ve seen, I can’t stop staring at it , the simplicity is sanctual and georgous, this is the type of scene people dream about

  2. as big as possible , I like scenic canvases which are large , prehaps about prehaps a 2 foot width or something, so quite large

  3. I am situated in london, please could you inform me of the rough estimate of the price before I confirm the sale , thankyou

  4. Certainly, that image printed on canvas with an actual image width of 24 inches would be $275US plus shipping. What I would recommend is that I print the canvas and send it unmounted and rolled in a tube to cut down on shipping cost. Then you can have it stretched on a frame locally. Or I can have it stretched on a frame and sent in a larger box. For me to stretch the canvas on a frame would be an additional $35. If you are still interested I’ll get a price for shipping to London.

  5. Canvas is just a printing medium like other fine art papers, only it is a little more expensive. I can make you a signed fine art archival print for $250 US plus shipping costs. Since it is a paper print there would not be a canvas stretching charge.

    Here is a link to some other images of mine at Visionlight Gallery and if you click on them you can get an idea of pricing…

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