Monument Valley

This was a picture from a trip to Monument Valley. Had seen some of the John Ford westerns and other movies that had been shot there and always been fascinated by the place. Was within 25 miles during the mid nineties and was in a hurry so didn’t stop and had been wishing for many years that I had taken the time to see it in person.

So finally made a special effort and took the long drive from Los Angeles in one day. Glad I went, but had a few obstacles to overcome. First it was unseasonably hot and over 100 degrees during the day and night didn’t bring a whole lot of relief. Second, I got a terrible case of insomnia and could not sleep making me tired and miserable so I cut my trip short and only stayed two days. Another problem was in the air, there was a big forest fire north of Sedona and the prevailing winds brought the smoke up to Monument Valley. So it was a challenge to get clear skies in the pictures.

Here is one I really like and luck played a part in capturing it with a Nikon D2x and 17-55mm lens. It was actually very still with no wind that day, but every so often out of nowhere a blast of air would blow through the valley and pick up loose sand and dust into the air. Was all set up with the camera on a tripod and shot what I wanted when the wind picked up for about 30 seconds and I fired off a few more shots, this being my favorite. Thought the teetering rock was interesting too and looked like a tomahawk head.

If you are ever in that area of Arizona/Utah make sure you stop and have a look as it is one of the many special places in America.

Monument Valley


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