Disney Concert Hall

Just about everybody and their brother (and sister) have taken a picture of the Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. Have been twice for just a few short sessions. It’s hard to get anything without a lot of people crawling around since it is such a popular tourist attraction. So this is one of my favorites, shot with a Nikon D2x and a 17-55mm lens and converted to black and white with the “channel mixer” in Photoshop. 

It was photographed in daylight but for some reason has a  look that it was artificially lit with lights although it is available daylight. It is interesting to see the difference in photographs from when it first opened and what people shoot now. At first it was very difficult to shoot because the stainless steel was very shiny and had a mirror appearance. If any part of the building caught a glimmer of the sun it would burn out in capture.

But an interesting thing happened, The condos across the street were influenced by the light. When the sun shined on the building and reflected the light across the street it magnified the suns rays and it got very hot and bright in the peoples homes. It was to the point that it was too hot and bright for them to live there and the lawsuits began for Disney to do something about it. So the solution was to sandblast the stainless steel to cut its reflective powers and bring relief to the condo owners.

This resulted in a whole different photographic look to the building and made it actually easier to photograph since the tones were easier to capture without burning out the highlights.

Photo © Craig Brewer

Disney Concert hall


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