Don’t You Wish?

OK, I’m 55 years old. I ain’t getting any younger, just getting fatter. Boy would I give “almost” anything to look like this. But it is pretty much a losing battle at my age. Not that it couldn’t be done, it’s the reality that I would probably never put the effort in to get in this kind of shape. Well, maybe for a couple of days until I was starving to death and got me a box of Krispy Kremes to satisfy my hunger.

Shot this with a Nikon D2x for a company that has a chain of physical therapy offices in Los Angeles. This was one of the managers and interestingly enough he was kind of shy to take his shirt off and expose himself to the world. Shoot, if I looked like that I’d be walking around shirtless all the time. Only used one light from a Speedotron strobe unit and a foam core reflector with the subject up against an office wall. Oh, to be young again.

 Photo © Craig Brewer


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