Stock Photos

It’s hard to predict what will sell in stock photography. Some that I’m sure will find a ready market flop, and others that I think are iffy will sell over and over again. This photograph is my all time biggest seller and has been licensed hundreds and hundreds of times for years on end. It is very rare that I happen to stumble across one of my pictures because the stock agencies don’t reveal who has licensed your picture. But this one I have seen a number of times.

It was originally shot for a bank for use in an oversized investment brochure. The art director and I had worked together for years and left me to my own devices as for what to shoot. That is rare as most projects are very detailed in what you are asked to shoot. Wasn’t sure what I was going to do so I bought a Wall Street Journal and looked in my local newspaper business section for inspiration. Decided to cut up investing terms and buzz words and lay them out on a table. Set up a Bronica ETRS on a tripod and started shooting Polaroids to see what I had.

Looked pretty boring so I got out some colored gels and placed them over the Speedotron strobe heads. Still lacked something so went digging through props from old shoots and decided the magnifying glass would work to highlight the word “Invest” and make the photograph more visually appealing and reinforce the idea that you have to do a lot of searching and investigating to plan a financial future. So a few more Polaroids to firm up the composition and there it was. Also did another photo for the brochure back cover that I’ll post tomorrow. It has sold fairly well as a stock photo but nothing at all compared to this one.

Money/Invest illustration
Photo © Craig Brewer


2 thoughts on “Stock Photos

  1. That is a great picture and I have seen it used before. What stock sites are you having success with? We are running a stock site for Ocean, Water, and Life images but are having a hard time finding a market. We are still small and it takes time, but even our images on the large sites get a lot of exposure but no purchases. Just curious what your experiences have been.

  2. This image is with Getty and I have worked with several others but not had anywhere the amount of sales as I’ve had with them. Since they are so big they just seem to be a “got to” place for many people interested in licensing photos for publication while the smaller places find it very hard to compete with their name recognition. Good luck with your company.

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