This was taken a few years ago when we lived in Northridge, California. Yep, the place that had the big earthquake in 1994. Fortunately we didn’t live there at the time. The fire had started on the other side of the Santa Susanna Mountains and the winds shifted and brought it over to our side. Was at home and heard helicopters and planes flying over the house and I turned on the news and saw that it was close to where we lived. Got in the car and drove about a mile up the hill and there were people parked everywhere watching the planes and helicopters drop retardant on the flames. Jumped out and put a 300mm lens on a Nikon D100 and got lucky with this shot. Fortunately they got the fire out quickly and no homes were burned in our area. But the builders and developers learned nothing from that and now those hills are filled with very expensive houses.

Fire on the hills in Northridge, CA
Photo © Craig Brewer


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