Santa Barbara Mission

This is the interior of the historic mission in Santa Barbara. Was taken with a Linhof 612 PCII panoramic film camera on Fuji transparency film. Was very lucky to get the interior without any visitors standing in the way although it was by accident. This picture was taken in the early 90’s and was the first California mission I had ever been in. So there was a bit of ignorance on my part. Was taking pictures of the outside and noticed the front doors were closed. What I didn’t know was that they charged you to tour the mission and the entry way to that was not clearly marked. Every church I’d ever been in you just walked in and sat down and that was it. Even the historic and famous Bruton Parish in Colonial Williamsburg and St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.

So all of a sudden the front double doors swing open and a crew of guys bring a piano in and head down the aisle and into another room. Not knowing any better I followed them in and set up a tripod and started shooting. One of the staff cleaning ladies came in and closed the doors and started glaring at me in a way that was not very church like if you know what I mean. Then she stated speaking to me very angrily but I had no idea what she was saying because she was speaking in Spanish. Like the persistent photographer I am I paid no attention to her and got my shot and proceeded to tour the rest of the facility. Then at the end I came to the entrance and saw where you had to pay a fee to get in. Duh, now I got what she was upset about, she had seen me come in without paying.

Santa Barbara Mission 
Photo © Craig Brewer

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