The Blue Wall

This is a picture of the side of a grocery store in a small town on the west side of the Salton Sea in the California desert. The light was just right to bring out the diamond pattern of the cinderblock wall which is quite ornate for such a plain boxy shaped building. Used a Nikon D2x and a 17-55mm lens for this photo.

If you live in southern California or are visiting, the Salton Sea is a must see place. It is south of the Palm Springs area and not too far from the Joshua Tree National Park. I shoot a lot of random and unconnected photographs but for some reason was drawn back a couple of times a few years ago because I found the place so fascinating. When people see pictures from there it really piques their curiosity of this remote and abandoned place and I get asked more questions about the Salton Sea pictures than just about anything else I have shot.

The Blue Wall
Photo © Craig Brewer

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