The Photo Shoot

Was walking along the beach (Redondo Beach, California) and saw a photographer shooting individual shots of what appeared to be a girls high school sports team. Not sure if they played beach volleyball or water polo as they had bathing suits on. You can see a ball in the girls arms in the far right of the picture. Kept my distance as I didn’t want to intrude.

Used  a Nikon D3 and 80-200mm lens at 200mm to be as far away as possible. Must have worked because there was no one turned around to look at me in any of the pictures I took.

The photographer had an assembly line setup Where he would shoot a couple of shots of a girl and then another one would take her place quickly.

Was a beautiful late afternoon with good waves and a lot of guys surfing in the background so wonder if he had to contend with that in any of the portraits he took. What made this picture for me was when the photographer extended his left arm giving directions to his subject.

Palos Verdes photo ShootPhoto © Craig Brewer


5 thoughts on “The Photo Shoot

  1. Fell upon your site through tag surfing and love this shot at redondo beach mostly because of the light and the silhouette aspect.

    The grehound picture is killing me, though. Pictures should do that, I guess. They should tell a story and wrench something out of you.

  2. I’ve loved checking out your photo blog today — very, very inspirational. You do amazing work! I’ve wanted to take pics at the Salton Sea for a long time, but now I’m really going to go! 🙂 LOVE this image of ths sports team getting portraits at the beach.

  3. Thank you for the encouraging words Maggie. You’ll find a lot of inspiration at the Salton Sea. Would love to see what you shoot there, send me some links to the photos when you post them!

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