Surf’s Up!

Took this photo last December. The UPS man had just dropped off a brand new Nikon D3 body so I charged up the battery enough to get out for a few shots. Heard there was some big surf running so went over to the Hermosa Beach Pier to check it out.

The conditions were good, clear skies and a nice warm afternoon light to give me some backlight to the wave face and spray coming off the top of the wave. Really liked the rich green color of the water and the blue sky reflecting in it in certain places.

Used a Nikon D3 body with a Nikon 300mm lens for this shot.

Hermosa Beach Wave
Photo © Craig Brewer


2 thoughts on “Surf’s Up!

  1. I’m a Canon girl but my brother, a photographer as well, just purchased a D3 and I’m thinking about getting one just for the incredibly high ISO values (with incredible quality of image.)
    I’m jealous…

  2. You will be really happy with the D3 if you like to shoot high ISO. It was the biggest flaw in my Nikon D2x and made it almost unusable for available light commercial work at anything over ISO 400. Have done some stuff as high as ISO 3200 and was amazed at how good it looked. When I found that out I put the D2x up for sale and it was gone forever.

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