My Hero

This is a shot I did for fun of a SpongeBob SquarePants toy. One day while channel surfing I stumbled across the cartoon show and immediately got hooked. 

All the characters were well developed and it was written so that both kids and adults could appreciate the humor on different levels. At first my wife thought I was a bit nutty watching a children’s show but after watching a few episodes she started appreciating it too.

What I like most about SpongeBob is his attitude. He could take any failure or insult and treat it like a compliment making him the eternal optimist and undefeatable.

Used a Nikon D100 and a 35-75mm lens in its macro setting to make this shot as this toy was fairly small. Stood him up on a sheet of black illustration board and had a brown muslin draped in the background. Used an Arri soft light for the main lighting on SpongeBob with an Arri fresnel for a backlight and another one on the background.   

SpongeBob Squarepants
Photo © Craig Brewer

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