The Path

This is a follow up to yesterdays shot at The Japanese Garden next to the Donald C. Tillman Water Treatment Plant in Encino, California. It’s a nice secluded refuge smack dab in the middle of the San Fernando Valley. 

They have very limited hours during the week of 12-4pm so in summer the light is terrible because the sun is so high in the sky. Wintertime works better as the sun sets around 5 o’clock  for part of that time and that is when this was shot to take advantage of the sun being lower in the sky.

There was not really much color with the slate steps as they have a medium grey tone which is very similar to the rocks. So really needed the light to bring out as much texture as possible since the color wasn’t very exciting. To bring some warmth to the photograph I gave it a sepia tone in Photoshop. Used a Nikon D2x and 12-24mm lens for this photograph. 

I photographed this specifically for my stock library and it has done reasonably well as it can lend itself to a lot of interpretations and uses.

The path at the Japanese Garden
Photo © Craig Brewer


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