Joshua Tree

This picture was taken at Joshua Tree National Park in the desert not far from the Palm Springs area of southern California. It is a really large park with a lot of geological diversity within its boundaries. You can sort of split it in two as far as climate goes as there is an upper desert and lower desert where the elevation varies enough to create a cooler climate in the upper and much warmer in the lower. Along with that there are different plant species which inhabit each level also.

The Joshua Trees are primarily located in the upper desert area and each one has a distinctly different look, almost alien looking with strange looking arms ready to reach out and grab you. Have seen a number of old sci-fi movies that were shot out there since it has such an eerie look. Many people may not know this but Joshua Tree also has some very good rock climbing areas and you can always see a number of people out there climbing. Along with that there are camping areas and people who bring their telescopes to peer into the heavens through the clear evening atmosphere.

Since it is in such a remote area and it gets so hot in summer you don’t have to put up with hordes of tourists getting in your way every time you set up a shot. It’s a great place to get away and just be by yourself and enjoy the silence which is almost unnerving at times like you may be the last person left on earth. 

This is a close up shot to emphasize how rough and textured the trunk and bark is with a full size tree framed into the bottom “V” shape to illustrate what a whole one looks like. Used a Nikon D100 for this photograph and the “channel mixer” in Photoshop to convert to black and white.

Joshua Tree 
Photo © Craig Brewer


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