Foamy Beer

This photo was shot with a Cambo 4×5 view camera on Kodak black and white film. Scanned, and then converted to sepia tone in Photoshop. Although the beer bottle appears to be sitting on top of a roll top desk that is an illusion. The bottle actually sits on a small wooden box and attached to the top is a round wooden dowel that was painted a glossy black to give the feeling of the top of the desk. The “roll top” hanging down is actually a rubber mat with raised ridges in it. Lighting from a soft box placed above gives the nice highlights to bring out the texture of the raised ridges. Also used another Speedotron flash head with a grid to light the painted backdrop. I’ll leave it a secret as to how I got the beer to foam in a controlled manner out of the mouth of the bottle.

Foamy Beer 
Photo © Craig Brewer


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