Political Photography

This is digging way back in the vaults to 1988. I was living in Virginia Beach, VA at the time and had a studio mainly doing a lot of advertising product and illustration shots and some people photography too. Got a call one day from a PR company inquiring about shooting some “Presidential” looking portraits of Pat Robertson for his White House attempt.

So spent two days with an art director, makeup person, and the PR person who was working for his campaign taking pictures in all kinds of settings around his house. This was in his library and sort of a semi formal friendly type of shot. Was surprised at how knowledgeable he was about the photography process and he reviewed the final Polaroid’s before we committed to shooting film. He even offered a few good suggestions.

Have to admit though that on the second day the PR person who was a butt kisser to Pat and a constant irritant with stupid suggestions tried my patience like never before. Things were getting very tense until I finally blew my top when we were reviewing the Polaroid’s for this shot and told her off in anger in front of everybody. Had never done that before during a shoot and never done it since, but I was ready to pack my gear and walk if she didn’t shut up.

Everybody was shocked and no one said a word waiting to see what Pat was going to do. Well much to my surprise he just gave us a pep talk and said let’s get back to work which we did. But the tension was broken, the PR girl shut up and we finished a couple more shots that day without incident.

Used a Bronica ETRS, Speedotron lights, and Kodak black and white film to make the shot.

Pat Robertson
Photo © Craig Brewer



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