Field Of Yellow Dreams

This is a stock photograph of a field of “goldfield” flowers with blue sky and big white clouds in the sky. Photographed at the Antelope Valley near Lancaster, California not far from the poppy fields. 

The fields of wild flowers in that area can be just an amazing sight with color as far as you can see. I used a Nikon D2x and 12-24mm lens for this shot and was actually very close to the flowers. The wide angle can be deceiving because these flowers are only about the size of a dime.

Was really hard to get a sharp image as the temperature was cold and the wind howling like it always does in that area with nothing to block and slow it down. Had to climb over a barbed wire fence and didn’t take the tripod with me so was crouched down trying to hand hold the camera in the buffeting wind which also made my eyes tear up. 

Field of yellow flowers


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