Floating Egg

This picture goes way back to the mid 1970’s and was probably one of my first attempts at a studio still life with lights. Had just bought a couple of 200 watt Bowens mono lights and was playing around when I took this photo. Used a Nikon F2 Photomic body and a 55mm micro lens on Kodachrome for the shot. The egg is laying on a plastic light diffuser that came out of a fluorescent light fixture and has what almost looks like rows of little pyramids rising from the surface. Combined with the lighting from above and the shadow it makes the egg appear to be hovering above the surface. Also had another light with a snoot and purple gel aimed at the black colored seamless for a little glow.

It is hard to be objective about this photograph as to whether it is interesting at all. At the time I thought this was a really cool photograph, probably because I was just starting out and trying to change from being a picture taker to a picture maker. My first pictures were of a more journalistic nature by recording news and events, but was really interested in advertising and commercial photography, still life, etc. So this is one of the shots that started me in a whole new direction in photography.


Photo © Craig Brewer
Photo © Craig Brewer

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