Shot this for the cover of an annual report for a hospital with a Cambo 4×5 view camera and Kodak b&w film. Used one Speedotron strobe in a soft box for illumination. Props are on a hand painted canvas. The original film was hand developed in Rodinal and custom printed on fiber based paper and given to the client to scan. 

I did do an interesting experiment to prepare the image for this blog. Instead of scanning the 4×5 negative I shot it with a Nikon D2x and 55 micro lens on top of a lightbox. Imported the image into Photoshop and inverted the negative image into a positive one. Was very surprised at how well it came out and there was an added bonus, normally when scanning you get a lot of dust that has to be cloned out but this way it does not show up.


Photo © Craig Brewer
Photo © Craig Brewer

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