Sand Storm

Took this photograph in Monument Valley on the Arizona/Utah border. Although I have only been there once this place made quite an impression on me and would love to return soon. Really like the remoteness and quiet plus the scenery is like no other place. Was intrigued by the shape of this rock, almost thought it looked like a tomahawk and was all set to take the picture when out of nowhere on a perfectly calm day the wind picked up and started blowing sand all over the place. Figured it might make an interesting image and got off about 5 or 6 shots until the wind went away as suddenly as it came.

After looking at before and after pictures the ones with the sand in the air had a lot more character and this one became a favorite. Used a Nikon D2x and 17-55mm lens and converted to black and white with the channel mixer in Photoshop.

If you are ever in that area of Arizona or Utah make sure you plan a day or two in the area and you will not be disappointed. The area is not a national park but is on a Navajo Indian Reservation with just a small fee to park. They offer horse riding and guided tours which will take you to areas that are off limits to other visitors.


Photo © Craig Brewer
Photo © Craig Brewer

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