Guard Tower

This is another picture from the Majdanek Concentration Camp in Lublin, Poland that the Nazi’s ran during WWII. See yesterdays blog for a picture of a gas chamber…

In this photograph you see one of the guard towers and a barbed wire fence to keep the prisoners in. To the right of the tower, the building with the big smokestack, is where the bodies of the Jewish prisoners that they killed were burned to hide the evidence of the atrocities they committed. 

When you see it in person it’s shocking to realize that it is a factory assembly line designed to kill and dispose of people. It is reported that at this facility they knew surrender was coming the day before the war ended and they purposely shot and killed around 15,000 Jews around the clock and buried them all in a heap. 

Fuji transparency film was used on a N90s Nikon film camera for this shot which was scanned with a Nikon Coolscan 9000. The slide did not have a lot of color and was converted to sepia tone using that preset in Adobe Lightroom. Some detail in the sky and grass was brought out using the shadow/highlight recovery tool in Photoshop CS3.

Photo © Craig Brewer
Photo © Craig Brewer

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