Tropical Cemetery

Tombstones and crosses at a cemetery on the island of St. Barthelemy in the French West Indies. Used a Nikon F4 film camera, 200mm lens, and scanned Fuji transparency with a Nikon Coolscan 9000.

Photo © Craig Brewer
Photo © Craig Brewer

2 thoughts on “Tropical Cemetery

  1. These photos are excellent. I notice you use transparency film, then scan. Is this how you get the enormous tonal range and those really saturated colours?


    1. No secret really, just start with a well exposed transparency, quality scanner, and use good technique. Scanning is as much art as science so it takes a bit of a learning curve to get the most out of a transparency. Just pushing the scan button and letting the scanner go on auto will not get you there. I’ve found that if I do most of the color correction and contrast work with the scanners software in preparation before I scan then I get the best results and have to do very little in Photoshop afterwards.

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