Battery Point Lighthouse

Photograph of the Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City. Crescent City is the last town on the coast in Del Norte County in northern California. The lighthouse is on top of a small island just off the coast that can be walked to over the rocks at low tide. High tide comes and you will have to swim for it in freezing water. Used a Linhof 612PC panoramic film camera for the photograph although I cropped the ends off because there wasn’t anything of interest that added to the photograph. Used Fuji 120 medium format transparency film and scanned with a Nikon Coolscan 9000.

Photo © Craig Brewer
Photo © Craig Brewer

2 thoughts on “Battery Point Lighthouse

  1. This photograph was taken in 1994 and am not sure if Provia had been introduced yet. It was probably just the garden variety Fuji professional daylight transparency film of the time.

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