Blue Dusk

Dusk at the Redondo Beach Pier. Used a Nikon D3 camera body and 14-24mm zoom lens.

Photo © Craig Brewer
Photo © Craig Brewer

2 thoughts on “Blue Dusk

  1. Definitely been impressed with your D3 images. I was curious, what’s your favorite camera? Also, what’s your take on the whole film vs. digital argument? I personally don’t like to compare the two; I think they’re very different mediums.

  2. I love the D3! It is the best all around 35mm type camera I’ve ever owned. It’s got a fast winder, the high ISO and low light capabilities are so far beyond what film has done and will ever do for those who like to shoot low light level stuff and still need quality images.

    But I like film too because it has a certain look that is different than the smoothness of digital. To me where digital failed in the past was shooting time exposures at dusk or dark. The early cameras had a lot of noise and digital artifacts, although my D3 does not have that problem. Not sure if it is because it is a “full frame” sized sensor but I like the images a lot better than what the D100 and D2x did for me with their smaller sensors. I would never, ever, buy another digital camera with a small sensor.

    What is cool about film is the happy accidents of different color temperature light sources mingling together in a picture that digital seems to do handle better but not as interesting as film. Also film will color shift in very pleasing ways with really long exposure times because of reciprocity failure that digital does not do at all.

    To me, each format is a tool. For all around stuff I’ll use the D3, but for something different I’ll go film in either medium or large format because I like the image quality better than 35mm.

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