White Wedding #6

The wedding cake…this is one of the wackiest things I have ever photographed and I’ll post some more pictures over the next few days. The story “supposedly” goes that this band all had plastic surgery to look like dead rock and roll stars, although a couple were still living. So there was a Jim Croce, Elvis, Buddy Holly, etc., and the bride and groom were supposed to be Kenny Rogers and Linda Rondstadt who are both still very much alive. If memory serves me well this was possibly around 1979 or 1980. The band was called Rock n’ Roll Heaven and the marriage was at The Fifth National Banque  (a nightclub) in Norfolk, Virginia. I was hired to shoot the actual wedding between two of the members and then they played a concert that night and each person sang their characters songs. They were actually quite good but the catch was you had to come back the next night to see them unveiled and see their plastic surgery. The promoter was a guy named “Philly” who refused to pay me the sales tax on the shoot and prints just because he didn’t want to. I didn’t argue too much because he seemed kind of like a guy who might slip you into some cement shoes and drop you off in the Chesapeake Bay. All in all it was pretty shady and I still wonder if they actually had plastic surgery or just sort of looked like the other singers. Don’t remember much about the photography aspect since I scanned the extra prints I had left over except I used a Nikon F2 Photomic camera body, a variety of Nikon lenses, and Kodak Tri-X black and white film.

Photo © Craig Brewer

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