It’s Whatever You Want It To Be

Was in the kitchen and saw some glassware in the window shelf with interesting light on it and took some pictures. I picked up this small piece and moved it out of my shot and continued with the picture taking. After a few more shots I was thinking that my original shot wasn’t that interesting after all and holding this piece up to the light I started to see more possibilities. This is a small glass blue vase with a flat round bottom and swirls in the glass on the sides. So I held it up sideways and aimed the lens into the vase and thought it looked pretty interesting and did another series of photographs. My daughter said she liked this one the best so here it is. Used the built in camera on an iPhone with the “Hipstamatic” camera app and further processed the image with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Camera settings were…Lens: Melodie…Film: DreamCanvas…Flash: None.

Photo © Craig Brewer

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